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This vision is shared by many within the community. The Bernalillo County Community Health Council serves as a resource and convener for those organizations, institutions and individuals with a passion for improving the health of all Bernalillo County residents. By setting priorities and bringing people together to work toward a shared plan of action, the Health Council provides support to those responsible for creating the conditions needed for health in the neighborhoods where we live, work, learn and play.  


Beginning in February 2017, the monthly health council networking meeting will be held on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon at Mid-Region Council of Governments (MRCOG), 809 Copper NW.

NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017 - 10 am to 12 noon at MRCOG
This meeting will include a report on the BCCHC Opioid Accountability Initiative.

All health council meetings are open to anyone in the community and involve numerous organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and individuals.

Healthy Here:
Communities Leading Healthy Change

We all want to be healthy, but that can be hard if the right supports are not in place.  For example, it can be difficult to eat healthy when it is too expensive to buy fresh and local fruits and vegetables. They may not be sold in one’s neighborhood, or they are not always available in our schools.  It can be difficult to be physically active when places like streets, sidewalks and parks are not easy, safe, and enjoyable to use.  And it can be difficult to manage a chronic disease, like diabetes, when you are not connected to a system that helps you to do so.

That is why Healthy Here exists.  We are working to change systems and environments to make it easier for Hispanic/Latino and Native American residents of the International District & South Valley to access healthy foods, be physically active, and manage chronic disease.  We do this with the help of a large network of partners, all of which have years of experience and expertise working in these communities.  Collectively, our impact is stronger than when we work alone.

More information available here!

Healthy Here is an initiative of the Bernalillo County Community Health Council.  It is funded in part through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) award, and is managed by Presbyterian Healthcare Services.

The views expressed in written materials or publications about Healthy Here do not, necessarily, reflect the official policies of the Department of Health and Human Services, nor does the mention of trade names, commercial practices, or organizations imply endorsement by the U.S. Government.

Check out the HCAT!

The Healthy Communities Assessment Tool (HCAT) ranks each Albuquerque neighborhood on more than 40 social, economic, and physical factors important to community health. Users can examine how their own neighborhood performs on each factor and compare neighborhoods on their overall ranking of core indicators from the Healthy Communities Index (HCI).

Thanks to
Healthy Places for New Mexico for hosting the HCAT on their website!

 Learn about the
Happiness Initiative
and take the
  to help us develop an action plan to improve the well-being of our communities in Albuquerque/Bernalillo County. Be sure to set up your personal profile and sign up for the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County group, so that your answers can help inform us about how we're doing in our city and county. Your name and all identifying information will remain confidential.


BCCHC is officially a
non-profit community organization!
We have successfully transitioned into our new era
as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,
 effective February 11, 2015!

Bernalillo County
Opioid Accountability Initiative

The Bernalillo County Opioid Accountability Initiative is
a multi-sectoral collective impact strategy to align the activities of governmental, non-profit, business and community leaders to strengthen the prevention, treatment, harm reduction (through naloxone access) and law enforcement/criminal justice system responses to the epidemic of opioid overdose deaths in Bernalillo County.

The Initiative was originally convened by the Bernalillo County Community Health Council at the request of Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins in 2012, with the first activity being to plan an Opioid Accountability Summit for September of 2013. With more than 150 public and private organizational administrators, service providers, advocates and policymakers in attendance, this successful summit served as a call-to-action for organizations involved in preventing overdose deaths in Bernalillo County. At the end of the summit, participants submitted commitment forms, acknowledging their commitment to the charge of the Opioid Accountability Initiative and their interest in one of more of the pillars of the initiative: Prevention, Treatment, Narcan and/or Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice. More than 50 different organizations have committed to reducing the incidence of opioid overdose in Bernalillo County since that first summit.

After the first summit, using the names submitted, four implementation teams were formed to begin addressing the recommendations developed prior to and during the summit. These teams have been meeting regularly (mostly monthly) since that time, focused on refining their recommendations and uncovering factors for success and barriers to action.

In January 2015, a second Opioid Accountability Summit was held with 200 people in attendance.

One year later, the Initiative is now ready to move into a new phase of focused action that will transition the four teams into Strategy Groups that will meet quarterly, each with one or more Action Teams meeting monthly and working on specific objectives, reporting their progress to the full Strategy Groups at the quarterly meetings.

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